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A Winter Vacation Of Snow And Hydration.

It had been ages since we had traveled due to COVID so we packed up and headed for Steamboat Springs Colorado, an incredibly scenic destination where the snow was falling and the sun was shining.  We hadn’t seen our family in ages so it was time to take the trip vaccinated, boosted and masked.  When you’re traveling it’s good to be prepared for the different climates you are traveling to. On this trip to Colorado I found myself at the Organic Market called Natural Grocers loading up on everything to drench my body from the inside out. After wearing a mask for the entire day of travel my face needed a refresh and my body some serious hydration.

List of supplies-

Searching the internet before I arrived I was hoping to find an organic juice store but when I showed up I found it to be closed.  Upon a little investigation I found a cold pressed pre bottled juice called Evolution loaded with my favorite organic carrots, apples, beets, cucumbers, ginger and lemon. I picked it up at Natural Grocers every day and this gave me the hydrating boost I was craving. Afterwards, I looked this juice up and found out they are even carried at Whole Foods and Starbucks so I’ll definitely be picking this up again and again. I can’t wait to try the Organic Green Devotion and the Organic Vital Berry.

The temperature ranged from -5 degrees to 29 so my skin was in store for a rough ride if not properly nurtured. Low humidity leads to dryness, and low temperatures and high winds strip moisture from the ski too. It can lead to skin becoming dry, raw, and cracked. The sun cannot be ignored in the winter, either. Combining the winter sun with snow glare can seriously damage your skin. With such a dramatic climate to consider in Colorado, it is vital to take care of your skin. 

To counteract the cold I headed over to the amazing Rocky Mountain Day Spa for a facial treatment that treated my skin to a slice of heaven. Making a stop at this spa is even made sweeter by seeing our Lucky Chick display in their salon. They love the product because of its moisturizing qualities in such a dry environment combined with the beautiful colors. 

The 75 minute Ultimate Hydrating Facial left me and my skin in a state of bliss! The treatment began with a deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, which in turn allows all of the products to deeply hydrate. The eye area and lips receive some TLC with the Ageless Eye Treatment and the Lip Plumping Treatment. Both of these incorporate a gentle exfoliation, a hydrating mask and the NuFace Fix to soften fine lines around the eyes and plump the lips. Hot steam, facial massage, scalp massage and an arm and hand massage are performed throughout the facial. Basically, I never wanted it to end but we know all good things must but I departed with the most hydrated skin I’ve had in a long time. 

Because it was so cold we didn’t spend as much time on the slopes as we normally do but nevertheless it was awesome. We ended up getting a very sought after reservation at the Strawberry Hot Springs Hot springs are one of nature’s greatest gifts to mankind with hot water combined with soothing natural minerals and epic Rocky Mountain landscapes.  We soaked in this beautiful scenery for an hour of bliss and rejuvenation.

All in all this was the perfect trip to experience the great outdoors while staying safe and taking some time to care for the mind and body.


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