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Lipstick. The Colors We Wear Are The Stories We Tell The Entire World

There is something to be said about a woman who wears lipstick. To an onlooker she can be defined as polished and poised in colors such as “Desire” or “Blissful”, artistic and free-spirited wearing “Fierce” and “Splendid” or outgoing and adventurous with a coat of “Golden” or “Shimmery”. But little do they know, she can simply be a woman trying something new in her life which happens to be lipstick. In reality, the way we look has absolutely nothing to do with how we are rather it is how we perceive the world.

As a woman, the products that we wear on our lips make us feel some type of way just like mascara does every time we coat and bat our lashes. We feel pretty, confident and put together before we enter the world. When we apply our lipstick, it isn’t a quick swipe, rather it is a slow application that involves precision and concentration. Using the tip of the lipstick or wand itself we carefully line the outside of our lips in preparation of the perfectly formulated, creamy lipstick color that will be placed in the center of both lips. With each piercing of the lips, the colors transfer to the top and the bottom lips to create the most beautiful pout (of the day, evening or night). It’s truly an experience due to the fact that we are having a moment of transformation and our inner glow starts to gleam. 

Before we exit out the door, vegan leather satchel in one hand, coffee in another all the while putting on a pair of black sunglasses, recite this to yourself when you open the door, “Hello World. Are you ready for me?”

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