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Coffee Oil In Lip Products…? Tell me more

Have you ever heard of coffee oil in lip products? No..? We didn’t hear of it either until we decided to research and use it in our products. If you are a caffeine lover and know about the benefits of caffeine in beauty products as a topical treatment then you definitely want to give our lip products a try. Here’s why.

Coffee, a favorite morning ‘pick me up’ caffeinated or (any time of day) leisure drink has now entered our lives as a skincare ingredient. As a skincare ingredient the natural oil is known as “caffeol” comes from the process of heating the coffee bean and extracting the oil. This oil can be purchased over the counter in selected stores and you can also DIY it that way you will know that it is pure coffee oil. Now the thing about incorporating coffee oil in skincare products is that to reap the benefits a carrier oil has to be added. Carrier oils are basically “carrying” the benefits of that specific type of oil into your skin and in our case, the lips.

Along with the coffee oil, carrier oils that we incorporate into our lip products are rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil. Those three oils combined into or lipstick formulas allow for multiple benefits. Oils are known to smooth as well as soften the skin which is why we added coffee oil. Coffee oil, the first ingredient in our lip products prevents dehydration which is much needed in drier climates. The second oil we incorporate is rose seed oil. This oil provides hydration to lips that happen to be naturally dry and helps to fill in those fine lines (that only we can see and feel). The last oil that we add is jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a very common ingredient that creates a barrier to lock in moisture. Every one of these oils allow for soft lips and moisture which is much needed all year round.

Now because all of our products are vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, the bonus of coffee oil will keep your lips touchable soft, smooth and may I say, stimulated to take on the day’s adventures.


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