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About Us

About Us

Blossoming with Color

Color is our passion
We believe you are a masterpiece, and we are passionate about helping you ignite your creativity. Through art, we have always have found a happy place. In fact, we see art as a thread that connects our lives. The colors and objects we live with or wear – they sway our moods and bring us joy.

Rich Formulas & Highly Pigmented Products

Our unique formulas give ultimate one swipe application across the lips and eyes, leaving a dramatic color pay off. The creamy textures adds moisture and hydration as it glides on and stays for hours.

Grounded in Nature

Clean, pure beauty made in New York
Every Lucky Chick product is a fusion of nourishing, safe ingredients that are gorgeous and good for you. Infused with coffee, rose, jojoba oil and cucumber extracts all of the Lucky Chick products will soothe and hydrate your skin while adding a touch of glamour.

Cruelty Free

Never tested on animals
All Lucky Chick products are manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.

Lucky Chick

At Lucky Chick, creating is at the root of all we do. And we use art to celebrate one another and ourselves. As we work passionately towards our vision of beauty and self-care, each day we are reminded of what brought us here.

For us, that would include reflecting on the meaning behind our artistic creations that appear on our packaging. My Mom, Bonnie the artist behind all of Lucky Chick’s art, was successfully treated for breast cancer. During this very tenuous and uncertain time in her life, she turned to the grounding and deeply spiritual part of her life: her art.

Every day, she sought art as way to soothe and center herself, and indeed her art brought a peace and calm that served as a catalyst for her daily meditation. Losing herself in what she loved was a wonderful form of therapy and each day as she painted, her lively blooms blossomed with joyful colors. Today, this art— featured on our website and decorating our packaging—is at the root of Lucky Chick and brings meaning and an individual voice to all we do.

For me, Lucky Chick is all about connecting and creating connections between people. Through this brand, every day I’m ‘lucky’ enough to have the opportunity to connect with many different women—sometimes in unconventional ways—and it’s become one of the biggest joys in my life.

Creating Lucky Chick has allowed me to connect with women on so many levels, but none has given me more satisfaction than helping other women tell their story and share their experiences through color. The colors we wear are the story we tell to the entire world, and lipstick is part of that story. And while I can’t promise I’ll always have free lipsticks to give away, I hope Lucky Chick’s blossoming colors, rooted in nature and grounded in art are just the connection you need to tell your story and ignite your creativity, one tube at a time.