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For me, Lucky Chick is all about connecting and creating connections between people. Through this brand, every day I’m ‘luckyenough to have the opportunity to connect with many different women—sometimes in unconventional ways—and its become one of the biggest joys in my life.

But let me back up and tell you why I cherish creating connections. There are many who feel today’s ‘connectedlifestyle, largely dominated by our attachment to our phones and devices, actually makes us more disconnected from one another, and Im one of them. But, I also think creating organic connections with the world around us is as easy as looking up from our phones. Simple, shared experiences are threads that unite us all: enjoying a meal; conversation and laughter; singing, dancing, painting, and artall help create bonds, heal pain, and seed the world with love and connection.

For me personally, art is a huge key to creating these connections. Research has proven that color has the ability to bring energy, transform situations, and change moods, and what better way to do that quickly than with a humble tube of lipstick? Maybe thats why Im always handing out lipsticks to random people I meet—giving someone a lipstick brightens their day in a way that makes me really happy. Sometimes Im not sure whos happier: myself or the receiver, but its always fun, and on more than one occasion, its led to a new friendship, and all because of a colorful lipstick.

Creating Lucky Chick has allowed me to connect with women on so many levels, but none have given me more satisfaction than helping other women tell their story and share their experiences through color. The colors we wear are the story we tell to the entire world, and lipstick is part of that story. And while I cant promise Ill always have free lipsticks to give away, I hope Lucky Chicks blossoming colors, rooted in nature and grounded in art are just the connection you need to tell your story and ignite your creativity, one tube at a time.

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