At Home With Things I Love

We are blooming where we are rooted and encourage others to embrace the idea of self-care through color.

This month is a milestone for so many as it marks a year of living a life we could have never predicted. My home is a collection of colorful objects that has filled my eyes with visual candy. When we shut down the Lucky Chick office in March 2021 my foyer became my new office. My ALLURE, VOGUE and ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST Magazines have become such a welcome arrival, more than ever. This month I am so inspired to see how other creatives in these magazines have managed to soothe themselves with color. On top is a collection of things that have been with me or I’ve created during the long moths at home. Here are the 3 magazines that I am psyched to have with me these days for tons of inspiration.

Magazines I love and the inspiration they share

Vogue Magazine
Allure Magazine
Architectural Digest

VOGUE - My absolute favorite article this month is a Vogue article by Lilah Ramzi.  It shares the term bio (life) philia (lover)to describe mankind's innate attraction to all things organic. She traces the history of this philosophy and how this phenomenon has affected what we buy and live with in Covid times. ALLURE- What a gorgeous collection of stories highlighting the best of beauty at home. An inside look at Charlotte Tilbury's home is a work of art and inspiration. AD - Color saves the day is this issue full of eye candy. Editor in-chief Amy Astley takes us through the  most incredible houses of the past century.  I could easily live in all of these masterpieces.

Inside the pages of Vogue sheds light on human's connection to nature.

Steven Klein Fashion

Steven Klein's Floral Fantasy is a beautiful example of the power and beauty of nature to relieve our bodies from stress and calm our soul.

  • Art is good medicine - when you are creating you actually become happier!
  • Living with color and its affect on brain function is why we are instinctually attracted to things that are natural and beautiful
  • Creating gives us peace and frees us from the worries of the world
  • Creating and living with nature heals

Sharing our creative process with you.

Peony Flower
Peony Flowers

This beautiful bloom is the inspiration behind our new collection of multi sticks.  Creamy goodness of natural butters and oil.  We'll keep you posted on the process.

Creating Your Space at Home  

Art for Your Home
Zoom Art

Zoom room - Creating your space to reflect the energy you want to share is essential.  

Lucky Chick Cosmetics

1.Lucky Chick Mogram Necklace, Rose gold and Diamonds. Metal and Stone Jewellers, Nyack, NY. 2. Fresh Lilacs, NEd Kelly, Piermont, NY 3. Breville the Juice Fountain Cold Plus $249.95 4. Dinosaur Designs Bowl. 5. Dinosaur Designs Earrings 6. Me in my Eye Bob glasses 7. Cleanse to Heal 8. Bernaud China Mug- 9. Gurneys Montauk- 10. Cannondale Mountain Bike 11. Tory Burch Beach Towels