Limited edition artwork created by Lucky Chick's artist, Bonnie. Bringing our world into yours with high quality giclee fine art. These bold, graphic and colorful prints can liven up any space and make it memorable.  This is what gives us our constant inspiration and we are confident it will for you too.



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Creating your world in color

It begins with a color and leads to a world of beauty. In the lab matching colors to  Bonnie's beautiful blooms.  The future of these colors to be seen in our 100% natural multi face sticks. for lips, cheeks and eyes.

Creating the comfort you deserve

Humans love beauty.  To bring comfort to your world do simple things to create your space.  Art will comfort, bring you hope and set you free.

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How to fall in love with your space

Express who are you, What is your mission, what is unique about you to increase individuality in your space?.


Tell your your story in your space.  The colors that bring you joy, hope and energy abundantly sprinkled throughout.  Place a single flower to add a splash of color or a row of art to create the mood.

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So simple, so gorgeous

The simplicity of a single flower transforming a simple space into something magical.

Product Features 

Highly Pigmented, Full of rich nourishing ingredients

Leaping Bunny Certified

Indie Beauty Best In Show

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