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The ultimate guide to taking time for yourself

For me my creativity flows after I've taken the time to rejuvenate my mind and body with inspirational activities. Visual eye candy and a dose of nature always adjusts my mental state. It fills me with hope and new ideas that often flow following this infusion of self-care. While I love creating for Lucky Chick I need this time off to feel grounded and inspired. Today I'm sharing how you too can find your rhythm to increase your productivity from time off by exploring the true YOU.

Ideas for celebrating Mother's Day.

Ok, three hours of free time have just “fallen” into your lap. What will you do?

This happened to me last weekend and my first thought was, “What movie do I want to see?” But after looking at the listings and not finding anything inspiring, I sat quietly on the couch for a bit, reflecting on what do I truly need? A walk around the lake (I love turtle watching) and a peach/mango smoothie ended up being just the ticket.

While there’s nothing wrong with going shopping or catching a flick, I challenge you to think about what would really nourish –and sustain–you when you get precious time alone (think cotton candy vs. black beans and rice)?

So many of us are disconnected from who we are and from our true needs and desires. In fact, many mental health professionals believe this “disconnect from self” is the root cause of depression and anxiety. While solo dates may feel weird if they’re new to you– they’re ideal opportunities to reconnect with your essence and core values.

The next time you are given an unscheduled window of time alone, consider the following soul-nurturing ideas.

My five favorite self-care solo dates:


Visit your local botanical, wildflower or sculpture gardens, then enjoy a leisurely lunch at a new outdoor bistro or café.


Try a new dance or yoga class, then treat yourself to a new, exotic smoothie.


Enjoy a dip at a nearby spring-fed pool, river or lake, then treat yourself to your favorite ice cream.


Explore your local museum or check out a new gallery exhibit, then try a new ethnic restaurant.


Browse your local independent bookstore, pick out a beautiful, inspiring journal and head to a new coffee shop and reflect on ten things you’re grateful for.

Written by Renee Peterson Trudeau for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

Remember to take time for yourself. Mother's Day is a good day to start a routine of self care that lasts throughout the year.

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