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Shimmer and Shine with Sparkling Eyeshadow

Eye Jewels – Make Your Eyes Shine Even When Your Lips Cannot

 In order to adjust in the ‘new normal’ that we are now living in, there have been a number of changes that we have had to make – including changes in the way that we do our makeup. One of the most important things that we have had to incorporate in our lives is the use of a mask. All of us need to keep in mind that wearing a mask is extremely important for our health and safety from COVID-19 and we must wear it every time we are stepping out for anything.

If we talk about how this has impacted the way we do our makeup, the use of a mask means that your nose, lips and half of your face is going to be hidden. This brings us down to the fact that even if you put lipstick or lip gloss on, it won’t really be visible due to the mask on.

Does that mean that you can’t manage to add color in your makeup look? Definitely not! We at Lucky Chick have our special Shimmering Eyeshadow for you to make your eyes shine even when your lips cannot.

What are the Liquid Eye Jewels?

Let us first talk about what the Liquid Eye Jewels are. These are carefully formulated shimmery liquid gel eyeshadows that are going to last on your eye lids for a long time. The liquid formula is meant to give your eyes an incredible lift and luster. Moreover, our Liquid Eye Jewel Formula is extremely light in weight so you won’t feel like you are carrying the weight of this world on your eyelids. The formula glides on the eye lids very easily due to the Cucumber Extract that is added in it.


How to Use the Liquid Eye Jewels in your Makeup Routine?

When you are getting ready to step out for groceries or just for a walk to the nearest park in these days or to socialize with your friends while following all social distancing protocols, you can add some color to your makeup look by using these.

After you are done applying a little bit of foundation and concealer on your face, we recommend that you give some special attention to your eyes as they are going to be the most visible part of your face with the mask on.

Apply a small amount of the Liquid Eye Jewel using the doe foot applicator onto your eyes and use your fingers to blend it onto your eyelid. Our product comes with a built-in priming mechanism so you don’t have to worry about putting on an eye-primer first. You can add a little bit of powdered eyeshadow in the crease area or in the outer corner of the eye to tie up the look together. Lastly, you can go in with some mascara to make your eyelashes look fuller.

We have three amazing color options for you to choose from:

You can pick and choose any shade depending upon the color scheme you have in mind. This water-based, vegan and paraben free formula costs only $22 each, and it is worth every penny!

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