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Rooted in Art Back to my Roots

The last week has been full of deja vue.  “Haven’t I been here before, this feels familiar, I recognize this sensation have all been thoughts that filled the white spaces in my day.  Hours of brainstorming about the meaning of the Lucky Chick brand, what it means to me, its customers and the future of our creative process all have been bubbling to the surface.

Out of the blue I sent a message to Nicole Gordon on Instagram.  Coming off a recent experience in Norway that was full of connections that touched our souls I was sure this meeting would feel the same.  Gut feelings are real and my Mom and I sat with Nicole where the hands fell off the clock and we exchanged our experiences, ideas, challenges and future goals. Nicole is an artist, writer, woman of style and art lover of all sorts.

Yes, we connected to our ancestral roots in Norway but what was a true eye opener was the delight in connecting with like minded artists. Art has always been the thread that connects me to my people.  A similar passion that doesn’t have to be in the same genre, style or medium but always seems to draw us together in a common curiosity.

While I’ve gone in a much different direction my love of art schools, galleries, museums and studios have never changed.  The amount of times I frequent these favorite spots has changed but the fulfillment when I’m there has stayed the same.  Most recently I have discovered that I have a great desire to be in these spaces with other artists more often.  My once encyclopedia like knowledge of contemporary artists have waned but the excitement to reconnect  with them has surfaced.

Why all of this now…Increasingly pushed by the realization of what motivates my love of make-up is the emotional transformation that happens when it is applied. 

Art emotionally transforms people, creates spiritual connections and communicates a myriad of perspectives.  People are so intrigued by make-up and their interest runs the spectrum from being hesitant to obsessed. Colors has power and Lucky Chick loves the chance to transform people emotionally and get a window into their worlds through art and color.

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