An evening of art, family and Francoise Gilot at the Elkon Gallery

I just absolutely love when art sets the tone for an entire experience. The plan was for Bonnie and me to meet Danny in the city to view the art of Francois Gilot. She is perhaps best known for her decade-long relationship with Pablo Picasso, which began in 1946 and put her at the heart of the Modernist movement. For us, it is the color, her narrative and abstract compositions that we are most taken by in the way they evoke emotion and draw us into her world.

Danny arriving first had already connected with the President of the Gallery, Dorothea McKenna Elkon and introduced us upon our arrival. Her warmth and hospitality was abundant and she invited us into her office to view more work and discuss her longtime friendship with Gilot. It was a treat to hear about her life of art and love. I excused myself and returned with a selection of Lucky Chick lipsticks for Dorothea and Francois. They have shared a life of friendship and told us they both love lipstick. What a perfect combination!

Gilot resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where she has her studio and paints daily.