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An evening of art, family and Francoise Gilot at the Elkon Gallery

I just absolutely love when art sets the tone for an entire experience. The plan was for Bonnie and me to meet Danny in the city to view the art of Francois Gilot. She is...

Lipstick. The Colors We Wear Are The Stories We Tell The Entire World

There is something to be said about a woman who wears lipstick. To an onlooker she can be defined as polished and poised in colors such as “Desire” or “Blissful”, artistic and free-spirited wearing “Fierce”...

Coffee Oil In Lip Products…? Tell me more.

Have you ever heard of coffee oil in lip products? No..? We didn’t hear of it either until we decided to research and use it in our products. If you are a caffeine lover and...


Lucky Chick is all about connecting and creating connections between people. Through this brand, every day I’m ‘lucky’ enough to have the opportunity to connect with many different women
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